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****************Support Project Xiao Zhan 2020******************
Dear sweet fans
Our lovely Xiao Zhan needs our help. I recently read he won 2 times the Award of “most disappointing male lead”. I find that so harsh. He works so hard and totally not deserves it. They are spotting him. It breaks my heart. For that reason I want to cheer him up and do something for him. I want to show him that he don’t have to let it come to his heart. I want to show him that his true loyal fans have his back and will support him till the end. Show him the love of his fans so let’s bundle our powers together and gives him a wonderful Fan video with messages from the whole world. So if you want to help me to support him and to show your love than write your message for him or if you want you can record yourself saying your message to him. The messages may in English or in Chinese. I would love to ask you guys to share it to so many people as possible and if someone wants to help me to translate this message in Chinese then don’t hesitate and take contact with me. Your messages can be send to loveforasianactors@gmail.com
PS: His agent post a supportive message, really sweet
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