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Thank you list

Here you will find a list who all helped me with finding information. Without them I would not be able to make this website xx

Your Admin Team

Are you curious who is behind this website, then you can get to know your admins better in this section xx

Meet your fans

Here you can find other fans xx


Here you will find pictures & videos from people who dress them as their favorite character xx

Fan fiction

Here you can find Fanfictions from fans, it all are fanfiction related to the drama’s of one of more actors/actresses xx


Here you can find persons who do roleplaying and searching for a roleplay buddy xx

Job offers

We are searching for people who want to join our Admin Team. We search admins for different pages, more info you will find in this section xx

Chat room

Yes we even have a chatroom were you can talk with each other xx


And as last, there will be a shop were you can buy Men with sword merchandise, how does that sound?! xx

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