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TV Series
Lighter & Princess (2022) as Li Xun
Gold Panning (2022) as Chen Baojin
Immortality (2021, post-production) as Mo Ran
Legend of Awakening (2020) as Lu Ping
Ever Night (2018) as Ning Que

The Great War (2023) as Sun Xing
Flowers Flowers from the Ashes (2023) as Gu Xinwei
Yesterday Once More (2023) as Gu Yuxuan
My People, My Country (2019) as Azhabu
My Best Summer (2019) as Yu Huai
Secret Fruit (2017) as Duan Bowen
Sacrifice (2010) as young King

Movie Soundtracks
The Secret Words (秘语) – Secret Fruit (2017) ~Listen here
For My 17-year-old Self (给17岁的自己) – Secret Fruit (2017) ~Listen here
17-year-old, I’ve Got Something to Say (17岁的我,有些话想说) – Secret Fruit (2017)~Listen here


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