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Feng Cong as Su She

Courtesy name: Minshan (Chinese: 悯善).
The wimp leader of the Moling Su sect. A former outer disciple of the Gusu Lan Sect, whom he betrayed and left to establish his own with the support of Jin Guangyao, whom he holds great respect for. He is jealous of Lan Wangji’s talents and has always imitated his actions.

Liu Ting Yu as Baoshan Sanren

The teacher of Xiao Xingchen and Cangse Sanren (Wei Wuxian’s mother). She is Wei Wuxian’s grandmaster. She was also Lan Yi’s best friend.

Cao Jun Xiang as Ouyang Zizhen

The single child of the Baling Ouyang sect’s leader. He is close friends with Lan Sizhui, Lan Jingyi and Jin Ling

Yu Zi Kuang as Xue Chonghai

The ancient owner of the Stygian Iron (Chinese: 阴铁). He is Xue Yang’s ancestor.

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