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Yi City Arc

Song Ji Yang as Xiao Xingchen

Also known as Daozhang (Chinese: 道长), he is one of Baoshan Sanren’s students who left the mountain for the mortal world. He wields the Shuanghua (Chinese: 霜华) sword and was best friends with Song Lan. He is gentle on the outside but determined on the inside.

Li Bo Wen as Song Lan

Courtesy name: Song Zichen (Chinese: 宋子琛).
A cultivator from Baixue Temple, and best friend of Xiao Xingchen. He wields the Fuxue (Chinese: 拂雪) sword.

Wang Hao Xuan as Xue Yang

Courtesy name: Chengmei (Chinese: 成美).
A guest disciple of the Qishanwen sect who has an affiliation with the Stygian Iron (Chinese: 阴铁). He wields the Jiangzai (Chinese: 降灾) sword. He is known for his evil and twisted ways

Chen Zhuo Xuan as Ah Qing

A young maiden who lived on the streets and an expert at pretending to be blind. She followed Xiao Xingchen after meeting him.

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