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QishanWen Sect

Xiu Qing as Wen Ruo Han

The leader of Wen sect, Chief Cultivator, and father of Wen Chao and Wen Xu. He is an ambitious man who wants to rule over the five sects by restoring the Stygian Iron (Chinese: 阴铁).

Wang Rong as Wen Xu

The eldest son of Wen RuoHan, a cruel and violent man. He is less intelligent, but also less cowardly, than his brother.

He Peng as Wen Chao

The second son of Wen Ruohan. He is one of the main antagonists in the first half of the show and is cruel, arrogant, and rude. However, in the face of danger, he immediately adopts a pathetic, cowardly nature due to his fright. He enjoys punishing and hurting others, furthering his sadistic nature. In the middle of the show, Wen Chao was brutally mutiliated and eventually murdered by Wei Wuxian out of revenge.

Meng Zoey as Wen Qing

A renowned physician of the Wen sect and Wen Ning’s older sister. She is aloof, cold, and extremely intelligent. She is protective toward her brother and initially dislikes Wei Wuxian, but eventually warms up to him as he becomes one of the only people to treat her kindly after the Wen sect is overthrown.

Yu Bin as Wen Ning

Courtesy name: Qionglin (Chinese: 琼林).
Also known as The Ghost General (Chinese: 鬼将军), he is the right-hand man of Wei Wuxian during his time as the Yiling Patriarch. He was a shy person and a stutterer when he was alive due to his strange illness and grew to trust Wei Wuxian after being showered with kindness by him. As a fierce corpse, he is prone to outbursts of anger, but otherwise remains innocent, gentle, and shy.

Feng Ming Jing as Wen Zhuliu

Also known as the Core-Melting Hand (Chinese: 化丹手) due to his ability to melt a Golden Core and is Wen Chao’s protector. The Wen Sect’s most powerful warrior, he holds to a strict and inscrutable code which included undying loyalty to his cruel masters. He was eventually murdered by Wei Wuxian.

Lu En Jie as Wang Lingjiao

The former maid of Wen Chao’s wife and Wen Chao’s lover. She is an arrogant and pompous woman; however, upon facing any real threat, she immediately cowers, for unlike Wen Chao she is not only cowardly but also inept.

Zhang Bin as Wen Mao

An ancestor of the Wen sect. He was the first to focus on expanding the clan instead of the sect.

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