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QingheNie Sect

Wang Yi Zhou as Nie Mingjue

Also known as Chifeng-Zun or Red Blade Master(Chinese: 赤锋尊), or the Scarlet Peak Master,[21] he is the leader of Nie sect. He is known as one of the Three Zuns alongside his sworn brothers Lan Xichen and Jin Guangyao. He wields the Baxia (Chinese: 霸下) saber. He is strict, just, and known for his intolerance toward evil. However, he has a terrible temper and holds extreme grudges towards Jin Guangyao. Later he was tured into a manipulated puppet by
Jin Guangyao and beheaded by Xue Yang

Ji Li as Nie Huaisang

The leader of Nie sect after Nie Mingjue’s death and younger half-brother of Nie Mingjue. He is well known for his incompetence and is nicknamed the Head-Shaker. Often, he is seen carrying around a fan. However, there is more to him than most think.

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