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Evan Ma – 马振桓 as Jian Bin -蹇宾

Jian Bin (蹇賓 Jiǎn Bīn) was the King of Tianji.

Ian Yi – 易柏辰 as Qi Zi Kan – 齐之侃

Qi Zhi Kan (齐之侃 Qí Zhī Kǎn) was the personal bodyguard of Jian Bin, and later General of Tianji.


Originally a sword maker who lived in the mountains, he found and saved Jian Bin after he was attacked by enemies in the woods. Qi Zhi Kan took a wounded Jian Bin to his house, where he stayed until his recovery.

Zha Jie – 查杰 as Murong Li – 慕容离

Murong Li (慕容離 Mùróng Lí) is the current King of Yaoguang. After his kingdom was destroyed by Tianxuan and his family died, he planned to follow their footsteps by jumping off from a tower to honor the nation. However, he was stopped by his beloved friend A-Xun, who ended up jumping in his place.

The sole survivor of the Yaoguang Royal Family, he started to live as a wandering musician, aiming of seeking revenge and revive his kingdom.


Murong Li is well known for his beauty, himself being the object of desire for many of the characters, among them Zhi Ming, Gonsung Qian, Yu Xiao, Mo Lan, and Ruo Mu Hua. He has fair skin, small brown eyes and long black hair, tied in a high bun.

He usually wears robes with different shades of red and pink, creating a extremely delicate and elegant image.


Before the events of the series, he was a kind and joyful young prince who cared a lot about others, mainly about his sickly friend and close companion A-Xun. However, after the destruction of his kingdom and the death of his family, his personality changes drastically; he becomes cold, reserved, and a very manipulative person. His only aim in life is to recover his kingdom and to take revenge on Ling Guang and Tianxuan by any necessary means.

He travels to Tianquan after living some time as a wandering musician, where he uses his influence over king Zhi Ming to slowly plan his revenge. He always carries with him a bamboo flute with a hidden dagger, an object that was given to him by A-Xun.


  • Ah-Li favorite flowers are called “Yuqiong Flower” (aka wild Chinese viburnum), which used to grew in Yaoguang’s palace. They are also the flowers that Zhi Ming is holding in his official picture for season one.
  • He is related to Yu Qing and Yu Xiao. It’s implied that he is actually their uncle, as Murong once said “he should call me uncle” refering to Yu Qing during season one.
  • Ah-Li’s character is based on Emperor Murong Chong, who was well know for his beauty and cruelty.

Zhu Jian – 朱戬 as Zhi Ming – 执明

Zhi Ming (執明 Zhí Míng) is the current King of Tianquan.


Zhi Ming is presented as a very naïve and childish young boy who hates anything related to politics and doesn’t care about political matters at all. Instead, he is only interested in having fun and playing around, ignoring the constant scolding of his tutor, Weng Tong.

He becomes romantically obsessed with Murong Li after he is brought to the kingdom by Mo Lan. He insists on calling him “Ah-Li” (ah or a is a prefix used to refer to a dear or close person in China) and gives him gifts and pretty things in an attempt to win his affections. Despite his lack of seriousness, he has shown to have a good heart and honest personality. Murong Li believes that his lack of ambition is his only fault, seeing him as someone kind but extremely susceptible to the many dangers of the world.

However, in season two, after the death of his tutor (who he saw as a father figure) and his best friend Zi Yu, he becomes a cold and ruthless person with a strong desire for revenge.

Liu Tong – 刘彤 as Ziyu – 子煜

Zi Yu (子煜, Zi Yù) was a prince of the small kingdom of Liuli, and Zhi Ming’s best friend.


Zi Yu is a handsome young man with small brown eyes and black hair. He usually wears robes of different shades of green with a gat, a Korean traditional hat. Later on, he starts to wear his hair tied in a braid, or tied in a bun with the other half left loose.


Zi Yu is an honest and kind person who sticks to his own ideals, with a strong sense of duty and justice. He has show to be a loyal and supportive friend to Zhi Ming, as well a capable soldier and military leader. Despite the fact that he initially didn’t liked Zhi Ming’s character and his silly way of doing things, he gradually stars to fall in love with him. However, he eventually realizes that his love was an unrequited one as the great love of Zhi Ming’s life was Murong Li.

Although hurt, he accepts the fact that Zhi Ming was always going to look at him as a good friend only and chooses to stay by his side to protect him. Zi Yu would do anything to garantize Zhi Ming’s safety, even risking his own life. His strong sense of duty and loyalty towards Zhi Ming is even noticed by Murong Li, and although both men don’t get along that well (as Murong Li sensed his attraction for Zhi Ming), he trusted Zhi Ming’s care to him when he was bounded and in a weak state.


He was sent by his older brother to Tianquan in order to learn the customs and culture of the central region, mainly because he was wasting his time in the palace. He becomes a good friend of king Zhi Ming, although initially their friendship had a rocky start. His eventual death causes Zhi Ming’s separation of Murong Li.

Yu Yi Jie – 虞祎杰 as Yu Xiao – 毓骁

Yu Xiao (毓骁 Yù Xiāo) is the current King of Nansu and Yu Qing’s younger half-brother.


He fist appears in bandits clothing, very simple and with a black coat. After he becomes king, he is mostly dressed in a white long dress with a golden embellishment and a long white (sometimes a golden) cape, with simple white boots. He wears a simple pair of earrings.


Yu Xiao is a kind and sweet person. He cares a lot for his civilians, what makes him a very good king. He is very loyal and helpful to his friends. Sadly after the betrayal of Murong Li and Gen Mo Chi he lost his trust in persons.


Yu Xiao tried to kill his older brother, Yu Qing, because he believed his ambition to conquer and going to war with other kingdoms only brought misfortune to the citizens. However, he failed the assassination and was sentenced to death. He was then saved by Murong Li, who changed the poison and hide him in his private rooms. In the beginning, he didn’t trust Murong Li, but after spending time with him he eventually started to fall in love with him and thus, Yu Xiao started to trust him as well. After his older brother was killed by Tianxuan’s soldiers, he becomes the new king of Nansu with the support of his grand tutor, Yu Yuan Kai, and Murong Li. Because of his relationship with the later, he helps him to get his kingdom, Yaoguang, back.

Shortly after, a series of misunderstandings cause problems in his relationship with Murong Li. When his grand tutor is murdered and everything leads to Murong himself, their friendship ends and Nansu and Yaoguang goes to war, a war that Nansu ends losing. At their last meeting, Murong Li tells him everything he had done and also that nothing can be the same as it was were before. Yu Xiao leaves the battlefield defeated and heartbroken. Eventually, he finds out that it wasn’t Murong Li who killed his Grand Tutor but his close subject, Gen Mo Chi. After hearing this, he sentences Gen Mo Chi to the nail death, being the last time we saw Yu Xiao.

Season 1

In the series first season, Yu Xiao was portrayed by Chinese actor Wu Shuo. He is seen for the first time when the emissaries of the four kingdoms arrived at Nansu; he appears drunk and harassed Murong Li, he was stopped by the others emissaries and his brother. His role was very different from the one seen in season two, thus this incident was never mentioned again.


He and Yu Qing share the same mother.
It is implied that Murong Li is actually his uncle, as Murong said “he should call me uncle” refering to Yu Qing during season one.

Xue Xiang Yun – 薛翔匀 as Fang Ye – 方夜

Fang Ye (方夜 Fāng Yè) is a citzien of Yaoguang who followed Murong Li to Nansu. He is Murong Li’s confidant and personal bodyguard, as well one of his most loyal subjects.


He wears his hair loss with only a hair band where one lock of hair hangs over it. He mostly wears black clothing with a red belt around his waist.


Fang Ye is a very kind and sweet person. He is very loyal to his master and will do anything in his power to protect him and help him whatever he can. He is also the only one who dares to go against Murong Li, but no matter if he agree with him or not, he will always do what he says. He is also loyal to his friends.


Fang Ye followed Murong Li to Nansu. Yu Xiao (Nansu’s king) helps Murong Li to get his kingdom back, Fang Ye stayed by his side. Shortly after, they fake his kidnapping so that Tianquan and Nansu will attack Tianxuan. Only after they defeated and kill the king of Tianxuan, he comes back. After his master get blamed for killing Yu Xiao’s grand tutor, Nansu and Yaoguang go to war. After they won the war, he makes Fang Ye the commander of the royal guards. He may only accept orders from him. He wants Fang Ye close at his side, he is also the only who follows him everywhere.

Murong trust him the most. When Zi Yu is in danger he do anything in his power to convince his master to send a troop to help him but he fails. That was the very first time he wasn’t agree with his master but still he listen to him. When the friendship between Murong Li and Zhi Ming breaks, he feel bad for his master. He cannot do anything to help them and on the end Yaoguang end in war with Tianquan.

Liang Bo Wen – 梁博文 as Xiao Ran – 萧然

Dylan Xiong – 熊梓淇 as Zhong Kunyi – 仲堃仪

Peng Yu Chang – 彭昱畅 as Meng Zhang – 孟章

Lu Yun Feng – 吕鋆峰 as Ling Guang – 陵光

Ling Guang (陵光 Líng Guāng) was the former king of Tianxuan.


Ling Guang used to be an ambitious king who wanted to conquer the world, successfully destroying the small kingdom of Yaoguang and the Empire of Juntian itself due to the assassination of Emperor Qi Kun. However, after the death of his childhood friend and possibly lover Qiu Zhen, he becomes mad and falls into in a deep state of depression that makes him abandon all desire to conquest, as well his will to live. He starts to drink heavily in an attempt to forget the pain and ocassionaly has attacks of madness, sometimes even becoming delirious and violent.

Later on, he finds some emotional comfort in Gong Sun Qian, whom he repeatedly sees as Qiu Zhen.

Zhi Wei – 赵志伟 as Gongsun Qian – 公孙钤

Simon Lian – 连晨翔 as Qiu Zhen – 裘振

Huang Qian Shuo – 黄千硕 as Gu Shi’an – 顾十安

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