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Source: 王鹤棣_Dylan (weibo)
Post: #战火中的青春 目睹祖国、同胞困境,我心中已有答案,未来我必将致力于科学、尽我所能卫我家国!今晚19:30,程嘉树报到!#程嘉树林华珺今晚见
#YouthintheFlamesofWar ​​​I have seen the plight of my country and my compatriots, and I have the answer in my mind, I will devote myself to science in the future and do my best to defend my country! Tonight at 19:30, Cheng Jiashu will report for duty! #SeeyoutonightatChingKaLamWahDavid
~ Tati

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