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Source: 成毅 (weibo)
Post: 很高兴成为雷朋中国品牌代言人。身为演员,坚持自我,不断突破,是我一直以来的坚定信念。#本色出圈始于坚毅向前
这一次,我将和雷朋 一起以全新姿态演绎多元风格。关注 @Ray-Ban雷朋 ,和我一起本色出圈! ​​​
I am delighted to be the face of Ray-Ban China. As an actor, it has always been my firm belief to stick to myself and keep breaking through. #Atruecirclebeginswithperseverance This time, I’m joining Ray-Ban for a new take on style. Follow Ray-Ban雷朋 Join me in the ring in true colours!
~ Tati

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