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Post: #壹基金蓝色行动 “孤独症”是先天的发育障碍,而非心理疾病。当你和孤独症孩子一起玩耍时,可能会遇到,他们因为沟通交流障碍,动作不懂分寸。我们多一分耐心与包容,一起帮助孤独症儿童更好地适应校园环境。今天是 #世界孤独症日,加入 @壹基金 蓝色行动,壹家人不孤独!#点亮星星守护你 @微公益 ​​​
#OneFoundationBlueCampaign “Autism is a congenital developmental disorder, not a mental illness. When you play with autistic children, you may encounter that they do not know how to move properly due to communication difficulties. Let’s be patient and tolerant and together we can help children with autism to adapt to the school environment. Today is #WorldAutismDay Join @OneFoundationOperationBlue One family is not alone! #Lightupthestarstowatchoveryou @Microcause
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