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Post: #奔跑吧11开启美好奇幻旅程 第十一季 #奔跑吧 如约而至 老友相聚开启全新旅程,听说这一季是《奇幻·推理·烧脑·悬疑·奔跑吧》有狠狠戳中你吗?旅程即将起航,我已准备就绪!先跳个预言家,我是本季第一个获胜的人
​​​#KeepRunning11startsawonderfulfantasyjourney Season 11 #Runaspromised As promised, old friends are meeting to start a new journey, and I hear this season is Fantasy – Speculative – Brain-Burning – Suspense – Run For Your Life Did it hit you hard? The journey is about to set sail and I’m ready to go! Let’s start by dancing a prophet, I’m the first one to win this season
~ Tati

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