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Source: Dear-迪丽热巴 (weibo)
Post: 2023 #地球一小时,如何“为地球献出一小时”? 参与一小时的环境教育学习,了解生态环境与生物多样性知识。#做自然的朋友 。加入 #地球关爱计划 和我一起发现身边的自然,为生生不息的地球助力!@WWF世界自然基金会 @地球一小时 @微公益 ​​​
2023 #EarthHour How can you give an hour to the planet? Take part in one hour of environmental education and learn about ecology and biodiversity. #Beafriendofnature Join #EarthCareProject Join me in discovering the nature around us and helping to make the earth a living place! @WWFWorldWide FundforNature @EarthHour @microprofits
~ Tati

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