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“Coffee and Makeup” On-Set
March 19th and 20th.
He is currently working on a drama titled “月上心辰” or literally, “Xincheng on the moon” where he has his FIRST starring drama role!! I’m so happy for him…
Patrick says in the 1st picture: 定妆当然需要一杯一横美式咯
Of course, you need a cup of Yiheng American style to set your makeup.
In the second, he says: 梅梅没呈现的白发,在另一个时空不一样的角色与大家相见
The gray hair that Meimei did not show will meet you in a different role in another time and space.
Cr: 权沛伦 ~Quan Pei Lun
~ Destiny

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