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Post: #重紫 第一大好人亡月今天就要和大家说再见啦,不知不觉间,Dead Moon已经陪伴了大家一个月的时间~🥹
最后,想问问大家有什么解除封印的方法吗?救救Dead Moon~
#ChongZi Today, Dead Moon is saying goodbye to you all, and before you know it, Dead Moon has been with you for a month.
When I first heard of Dead Moon, I had the impression that you were a villain and a demon of the Nine Mysteries, but the seemingly ruthless you had your own set of justice in mind, you used many people for the sake of righteousness in your heart but also saved them, I could feel what you felt every day and night that I became you, Dead Moon was a “demon god” with a soft heart. 🌙
I’m so happy to have met the character of Dead Moon and to have the privilege of meeting all of you at Heavy Purple. 💫
Finally, do you have any ideas on how to break the seal? Save Dead Moon~!
~ Tati

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