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Source: 权沛伦 (weibo)
Post: 凡人雪陵身弱无力,但爱意却可无坚不摧!仙尊雪陵神力磅礴,但情意却似水缠绵。凡人雪陵和仙尊雪陵你更喜欢哪个呢?#重紫 #重紫之雪仙情
The mortal Xueling is weak and powerless, but his love can be indestructible! The immortal Xueling has majestic power, but his love is like water. Which do you like better, the mortal Xueling or the immortal Xueling? #ChongZi #ChongZiSnowImmortalLove ​​​
~ Tati

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