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Post: 我是 @爱乐融聆听计划 爱心大使,今天是3月3日全国爱耳日,在此我呼吁大家跟我一起参与 #生耳不同 特别活动,一起关注听力健康,关爱听障人群。每个人的耳朵都是独一无二的,它也是通往心灵的路,让我们 #益起唤醒小耳朵 为更多的梦想开辟一条掷地有声的路。@中国听力医学发展基金会 @微公益 ​​​
I am @LovelornListeningProgrammeLoveAmbassador Ambassador of Love, today is National Ear Care Day on 3 March and I urge you to join me in #Differentrawears A special event to care for hearing health and the hearing impaired together. Every person’s ear is unique and it is also the path to the heart, so let’s #Wakeupthelittleears A path for more dreams to be thrown into the ground. @ChinaAudiologyDevelopmentFoundation @Microcause
~ Tati

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