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His post says: #你好十一月# 秋天的确是一个很不错的季节啊,不是特别冷也不是特别热,真不错啊真不错啊,顺便补几张前几天的照片好不容易染了回头还蛮适合秋天的,本来还想趁着头发没掉色去环球影城哈哈,疫情原因计划直接泡汤,感觉可能或许应该今年也去不上了
#HelloNovember# Autumn is indeed a very good season. It’s not too cold or too hot. It’s really good. It’s really good. Yes, I originally wanted to go to Universal Studios while my hair didn’t fade haha, but the plan went to waste because of the epidemic. I feel that maybe I shouldn’t be able to go this year.
Cr: 宋继扬_ ~Song Ji Yang_
~ Wendy

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