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His post says: 游走在#兰蔻菁纯艺术展#的每一个角落,都能邂逅不一样的奇遇,静静感受艺术与菁纯的创意交融。@兰蔻LANCOME. Also: 匠心凝结时间,与灵感同行,缔造极致之美。 ​​​
Wandering in every corner of # Lancome Pure Art Exhibition#, you can encounter different adventures, and quietly feel the fusion of art and pure creativity. @ Lancome LANCOME ​​. Also: Ingenuity condenses time, walks with inspiration, and creates the ultimate beauty.
Cr: Kuan_Home, 官鸿Kuan ~Guan Hong Kuan
~ Wendy

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