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Source: 权沛伦 (weibo)
Post: 一横咖啡一店二店,各登榜咖啡厅,西餐厅品类第一名,同时两家门店都开通公益属性,参与【乡村儿童操场】商家计划,为中国公益事业出力🇨🇳♥️🔛 @美团 @大众点评 ​​​​
The two shops have been ranked No.1 in the coffee shop and western restaurant categories, while both shops have opened their public welfare properties, participating in the [Rural Children’s Playground] merchant program and contributing to China’s public welfare cause 🇨🇳♥️🔛. @Meituan @PopularReviews
(Congrats, this is amazing)
~ Tati

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