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Source: 王鹤棣_Dylan (weibo)
Post: #家乡这十年 “前眺弥勒大像,俯望三江汇流”,我在 @中国青年报 为你讲述保护乐山古城的这十年。让我们追随回忆的信号,聆听这片土地上历史脉络的呼吸。 四川乐山:大佛洗脚之后 ​​​​https://s.cyol.com/articles/2022-10/03/content_DW77lxU3.html?gid=4LkvKv17&fbclid=IwAR2BfPglFayijfherk6kimJjW9FdDWsvoLqQ0pkQvAOzv0McaZOO8sxqQ5g
#Thisdecadeinmyhometown Looking ahead at the great statue of Maitreya, overlooking the confluence of the three rivers”, I am in @ChinaYouthDaily To tell you about these ten years of preserving the ancient city of Leshan. Let us follow the signals of our memories and listen to the breath of the historical pulse of this land. Sichuan Leshan: After the Great Buddha washes his feet
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