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Post: 小森林的故事到这里就要和大家说再见了。追星星的男孩儿终于靠着自己不服输的勇气和决心,找到了属于他的那片星空。
This is where the story of the Little Forest comes to an end. The boy who chased the stars finally found his own piece of the starry sky through his unconquerable courage and determination.
The days of becoming Zhuang Yu were short and beautiful, following him as he experienced the passion of fighting for his scientific career, feeling his surprise and heart to redeem himself when he faced Yu Mei. At the same time, we also saw his transparent outlook on life, his clumsy expression of emotions, and his warm, hot core of love. He is such a character that the more you get to know him, the more fascinating he becomes.
I am lucky to have met Little Forest. It is an original work that focuses on environmental protection and animal care, on cold subjects, and on such up-to-date topics as cosmetic anxiety, and these innovations in subject matter are really encouraging. The creative process of the filming, the joyful and harmonious atmosphere of the cast and crew, and the way everyone worked so hard in the post-publication were all very touching and memorable to me.
Thank you Youku, thank you Drama Cool, thank you to the producers, thank you to Director Cai, thank you to Xinxin, and thank you to all the staff behind the scenes and on stage for their hard work. Thank you for your trust, for letting me become Zhuang Yu, and for letting everyone see more possibilities for actor Zhang Binbin. And thank you even more to each and every ranger who supported our little forest! It’s been a healing and fun time catching up with you all! I hope this production will bring you happiness too!
Finally, I would like to set a small goal for myself. I hope that with each of my future works, I can make people fall in love with Zhang Binbin again and again.
~ Tati

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