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He has a guest role in the drama “Song of Life”
His post says: 我是来自临终关怀科的罗大淼,希望能用自己专业的医学知识,让绝症患者走向死亡的路不再痛苦,我会一直坚持下去。罗医生,今晚不见不散。#三悦有了新工作开播# ​​​
I am Luo Damiao from the Hospice Department. I hope that I can use my professional medical knowledge to make the journey of terminally ill patients to death no longer painful. I will continue to persevere. Dr. Luo, see you tonight. #Sanyuehasanewjobtostartbroadcasting #
Cr: 梁靖康 ~Liang Jing Kang
~ Wendy

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