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His post describes the scent: “檀香只有两种,迈索尔和其他”。@KILIAN凯利安 “圣木Sacred Wood”无限还原了迈索尔檀香的稀世香气,深邃木香里流淌着沁人奶意。秋意悄然蔓延,一同循着传奇圣木的奶檀韵调,解锁你的秋日第一瓶小众木质香。 ​​​There are only two kinds of sandalwood, Mysore and others”. @KILIANKelian “Sacred Wood” infinitely restores the rare aroma of Mysore sandalwood, and the deep woody fragrance flows with refreshing milky taste. Autumn quietly spreads, and together with the milk sandalwood rhythm of the legendary holy wood, unlock your first bottle of niche woody incense in autumn.
Cr: 罗云熙Leo ~Luo Yun Xi Leo, Kilian Parfumes
~ Wendy

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