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Like Angelababy, Ziyi is also on Heart Signal 5 right now!
Her caption says: 新一波美貌来袭!紫色蝴蝶结上衣灵动可爱,心形耳坠和钻石流苏相互呼应[好喜欢]今天中午12:00,与心动侦探@孟子义 不见不散~
​​​ A new wave of beauty is coming! The purple bow top is smart and cute, and the heart-shaped earrings and diamond tassels echo each other [Really like]at 12:00 noon today, and I will see you with the heart detective @ Meng Ziyi ~
Cr: 孟子义工作室 ~Meng Zi Yi Studio
~ Wendy

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