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Her caption says: 星河浪漫,高雅与精致相伴永恒,@Dear-迪丽热巴 身穿黑色镶钻礼服,璀璨星光点点,华丽大气的典雅气质,在裙间的褶皱与线条中流淌,每一帧都值得被定格📸~ ​​​ ~The romance of the galaxy, elegance and sophistication are eternal, @Dear- Dilireba wears a black diamond-encrusted dress, dazzling stars, gorgeous and elegant elegance, flowing in the folds and lines between the skirts, Every frame deserves to be frozen 📸~​​​
Cr: 嘉行迪丽热巴工作室 ~Jiaxing Dilireba Studio
~ Wendy

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