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Leo Luo Yunxi update-Weibo8/26/2022
He is the new spokesperson for Vidal Sassoon! Congratulations!His caption says: 生活中,或是角色里,始终在尝试发挥出内心的灵感,演绎出属于自己的造型。#云感蓬松熙有型格#很高兴成为沙宣品牌灵感代言人,和@沙宣VidalSassoon 一起,以发型诠释自我,让造型#能所不能#! In life, or in roles, I always try to exert my inner inspiration and interpret my own style. #CloudsensefluffyXiyoustyle# I am very happy to be the inspirational spokesperson for the Sassoon brand. Together with @沙發VidalSassoon, I will interpret myself with hairstyles, and let the styling #canorcant#Cr: 罗云熙Leo–Luo Yun Xi –Vidal Sassoon
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