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昨晚,以赵啸身份陪伴大家的日子告一段落了,感慨迎来大结局,回想当初近4个月的拍摄,让我一步步走入赵啸的角色中,感受他的悲喜人生。 赵啸从始至终都保持着对保宁的执念,从而将一个极度偏执的人设贯穿了全剧,也在圆满的故事结局中做到了一个人的不圆满。
Last night, the days of accompanying everyone as Zhao Xiao came to an end, emotionally ushering in the grand finale, looking back at the first nearly 4 months of filming, allowing me to step into the role of Zhao Xiao and feel his sad and happy life. Zhao Xiao has maintained his obsession with Pauline from start to finish, thus putting an extremely paranoid persona throughout the play, and also in the happy ending of the story to do a person’s unfulfilled.
At the beginning of the shooting, I was as puzzled and puzzled by Zhao Xiao’s behavior as everyone else. Looking back again, perhaps Zhao Xiao is the opposite of the contemporary youth who have to walk on their own knees on the road they have chosen, and who have always refused to give themselves a second chance to choose their own lives. Thank you to every viewer for their opinions, I have accepted all of your favorites and dislikes, which will be my most valuable experience on the road as an actor.
Finally, 2021 is coming to an end, the new year, I hope you do not care about the gains and losses, live a more comfortable and abundant life, Zhao Xiao take care, we will see you in the jungle! [greetings] [greetings] [hug]

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