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Source: 高瀚宇KD (weibo) ~ Tati
留言: 该来的总归要来的 节目结束了 将近四个月的披荆斩棘也结束了 但我们只是开始 回首第一天录制 那个焦虑啊 那个紧张啊 那个不安啊 但不得不说我起初隐藏得还是不错的 直至第一次失控 也正因为那次失控 让我感受到眼前的一切人事物是那么的真实 于是 我卸下了所有装备和铠甲 开始真正用心去感受这趟旅途 当然后面的剧情大家也看到了 没错 是我 想哭就哭 想笑就笑 想闹就闹 因为我知道 这样的时光是短暂的 那就享受当下 享受和哥哥们在一起创作 打闹 争吵 还有舞台上的交流 说实话这两年我已经输怕了 这辈子没觉得自己这么幸运过 可以获得这样的机会拥有这么好的舞台 更幸运的是 遇见了晋哥和小白 每次回忆我们刚组队那会 都会不禁感叹 太神奇了 我们怎么就组到一起了呢 怎么就走到现在了呢 哈哈哈哈哈哈 现在想想还是觉得妙不可言 感恩啊!感恩这次遇见 感恩这次鼓励 感恩所有哥哥的包容和陪伴 感恩披荆斩棘 感恩这个夏天 节目结束了 但一切又会是新的开始 不管你的我的还是他的 相信自己相信坚持 念念不忘必有回响披荆斩棘的人生 你值得拥有(对不起最后一句确实很像广告语 但就是很应景)还有 两年前对高瀚宇说的对不起 我终于收回来了!!!
Post: What’s coming is coming. The show is over, and so is almost four months of hard work, but we’re just at the beginning. Looking back at the first day of recording, I was so anxious, so nervous, so nervous, but I must say I hid it well at first until I lost control for the first time, and because of that loss of control, I felt that everything in front of me was so real that I took off all my equipment and armor and started to really feel this journey with my heart. Of course, you can see the drama later. Yes, it’s me. I can cry when I want to cry, laugh when I want to laugh, and make fun when I want to make fun because I know that such a time is short, so enjoy the moment, enjoy creating, fighting, arguing and communicating with my brothers on stage. Every time I remember when we first formed a team, I can’t help but wonder how we got together and how we got to where we are now hahahahahahahahahaha. I’m thankful for this encounter, for this encouragement, for the tolerance and companionship of all my brothers, for the thorny path, for this summer. The show is over, but everything will be a new beginning, whether it’s yours, mine or his, believe in yourself, believe in perseverance, and the life of a thorny path, you deserve it. Here it comes!

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