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Hello everyone. Here you can get to know your admin team. Who are we? Here you can find out. For the moment the team exist only out two persons but we hope more people will join our team

Tati De Clercq – Headadmin
I’m the one who created everything (website, Facebook Page, Facebook Group, Twitter, Tumblr & weibo)

First name: Tati
Last name: De Clercq
Admin name: Tati
Height: 152 cm
Date of Birth: April 16th, 1994
Place of Birth: Gent
Country: Belgium
Nationality: Belgian
Starsign: Aries
Chinese Zodiac: Dog
Profession: Saleswoman + Beginner Cosplayer
Education: Benedictuspoort Ledeberg
Personality: Kind, helpful, gentle, loyal, trustworthy, stubborn
Hobbies: Listen to music, read manga, cosplay, making fan art, making Fanvideo’s, busy with my websites, walking, horse driving, acting (actingschool), Tai Chi, Kung Fu
Nickname: /
Ideal Type: Guys who are romantic, have humour but also can be serious, sweet, gentle, kind, respectful, faithful
Favorite color: Blue
Moto: Always stay positive and follow your dreams, then you will find your happiness
Lucky number: 6
Wish for myself: Finding my one true love
Dreams: Meeting the Men with sword cast, becoming a good actress and cosplayer
Most used phrase: awh so adorable
Favorite actor(s): Hard choice cause I basic love everyone on this website but my top favorite ones are Gao Wei Guang, Dilraba Dilmurat, Luo Yun Xi, Wang Yi Bo, Xiao Zhan, Alan Yu, Wang Zhuo Cheng, Veng Zhang but also love the others too.
How to contact:
FacebookTati De Clercq (when you add me please leave a private message who you are and why you want to add me)
Twitter: @TheRealTati20
Instagram: therealtati20 (Leave a private message with who you are and why you want to add me)
ko-fi: https://ko-fi.com/tati5579
WeChat: Tati
QR Scan code:

Weibo: TheRealTati

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