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Little Prince – 纵身一跃 as ? (2011)
The Changing Times – 变幻的年代 as ? (2012)
The Rules – 丛林游戏 as Xiao Xia (2014)
Temporary Family – 临时同居 as Intermediary Salesman (2014)
No Zuo No Die – 我就是我 as himself (2014)
Young Adult – 成人记2 as Calvin (2014)
Dream Come True – 一刻十年 as Ma Meng (2015)
Love Has Been Here Before – 听说爱情回来过 as Long Long (2015)
Warrant the Reborn – 催命符 as Young master (2016)
Love Studio – 同城邂逅 as Zhu Yan (2016)
For Love to Let Go – 为爱放手 as Mu Qi (2016)
Visit the Widow Village in the Night – 夜闯寡妇村 as Tan Gang (2017)

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