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Meteor Garden – 流星花园 as Ximen Yan (2018)
The Chang’an Youth – 长安少年行 as Yang Zi’an (2020)
General’s Lady -将军家的小娘子 as Chu Xiuming (2020)
The Dreamlike Seal – 如梦令 as Fu Ye (2021)
Faith Makes Great – 理想照耀中国 as Li Zhen Xing [Po Bing] (2021)
Heart of Loyalty -  一片冰心在玉壶 as Zhan Zhao (2021)
Never Wronged - 读心客与无冤行者 as Song He (2022)
Meet Me in Your Sound – 幻乐森林 as Jin Shang Yu (TBA)

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