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Grade One Freshman – 一年级·毕业季 as Cast Member (2016)
Crazy Magic: Season 6 – 疯狂的麦咭第六季 as Guest (2019)
Super Nova Games: Season 2 – 超新星全运会第二届 as Regular Member (2019)
Everybody Stand By 2 – 演员请就位2 as Regular Member (2020)
Day Day Up – 天天向上 as Guest (2020)
Keep Running: Yellow River – 奔跑吧黄河篇 as Guest (2020)
When We Write Love Story – 平行时空遇见你 as Guest (2020)
Happy Camp – 快乐大本营 as Guest (2021)
Keep Running: Season 9 – 奔跑吧9 as Guest (2021)
Wonderland – 五十公里桃花乌 as Regular Member (2021)

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