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Legend of the Fool 2 – 傻儿传奇之抗战到底 as Mei Ying (2016)
Chinese Hero Zhao Zi Long – 武神赵子龙 as Shi Yan (2016)
People’s Prosecutor – 人民检察官 as Zhou Wen Wen (2016)
The Legend of the Condor Heroes – 射雕英雄传 as Mu Nian Ci (2017)
Ensanguined Youth – 血染大青山 as Lin Qing Yue (2017)
Season Love – 何所冬暖,何所夏凉 as Yang Ya Li (2017)
Double Life – 内衣先生 as Yu Meng Meng (2018)
All Out of Love – 凉生,我们可不可以不忧伤 as Ning Wei Yang (2018)
Starlight – 那抹属于我的星光 as Su Yan (2018)
Ever Night – 将夜 as Ye Hong Yu (2018)
The Untamed – 陈情令 as Wen Qing (2019)
Rebirth of Shopping Addict – 我不是购物狂 as Gao Yang (2020)
The Legend of Xiao Chuo – 燕云台 as Li Si (2020)
Legend of Two Sisters In the Chaos – 十国千娇 as Fu Yu Zhan (2020)
Da Tao Lang Sha: Qi Hang – 大浪淘沙:启航 as Lin Fan (2021)
Heroes – 说英雄谁是英雄 as Lei Chun (2022)
Immortal Samsara – 沉香如屑 as Zhi Xi (2022)
The Great Pei – 了不起的裴千户 as Ming Yue Nu (TBA)
Zao Zuo Shi Guang – 造作时光 as Hua Liu Li (TBA)
Sword Snow Stride – 雪中悍刀行 as Hong Shu (TBA)

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