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Ren Xue Hai – 任学海 as Ruo Mu Hua – 若慕华

Ruo Mu Hua (若慕华 Ruò Mù Huá) was the Grand Master of Tianji


The Grand Master convinced the King to establish a “Celestial Office” in order to predict the will of the gods following the movements of the cosmos, although in reality he planned to use this for his own personal benefit. He continually conspired against Qi Zhi Kan with the aim of making him fall into disfavor with the King, since he saw him as a threat.

After all his treacherous acts are finally discovered, he ends up being executed by Jian Bian himself.


His execution scene was deleted from the final version.

Zhu Jia Zhen – 朱嘉镇 as Su Han – 苏瀚

Su Han (苏瀚 Sū Hàn) was the Prime Minister of Tianshu and one of the leaders of the Three Great Families of Tianshu.


A sly and ambitious man, he holds a grudge against Zhong Kun Yi, whom he blames for the death of his beloved nephew, Su Yan, and repeatedly sends assassins to try to kill him.

Dai Xu Yi as Su Yan – 苏严

Su Han (苏严 Sū Yàn) was the nephew of Su Han and a student at Tianshu Palace Academy.


Su Yan was Zhong Kun Yi’s classmate at the academy, whom he considered someone inferior because of his poor background. He was arrogant and full of himself, as he was always spoiled by his uncle, Su Han.


After being recommended by their teacher, Su Yan and Zhong Kun Yi were sent together to Tianji as envoys, due to the kingdom’s foundation ceremony.

He dies after a bandit attack in the way back to Tianshu, which leads his uncle to blame Zhong Kun Yi for his death. Actually, his death was orquested by Murong Li in order to create tension between Zhong Kun Yi and Su Han.

Yang Guang – 阳光 as Wei Xuan Chen – 魏玹辰

Wei Xuan Chen (魏玹辰 Wèi Xuán Chén) was the Prime Minister of Tianxuan. He committed suicide by jumping off from a tower after Ling Guang’s death and the defeat of Tianxuan during the second season.


Minister Wei was present when Qiu Zhen committed suicide in front of the King and the court. He was left horrified by the event, and ordered to call the physician as quickly as possible.

Hu Gao Feng – 胡高峰 as Weng Tong – 翁彤

Weng Tong (翁彤 Wēng Tóng) was the Grand Tutor/Adviser of Tianquan.[1] He dies after a coup d’etat to Tianquan during the second season.


Weng Tong is totally dedicated to the kingdom and Zhi Ming, being extremely loyal to both. He constantly scolds Zhi Ming for his laziness and attachment to Murong Li, whom he considers a witch because of his influence over the King.

Despite the fact Zhi Ming constantly complains about him and his rules, he actually sees him as a father figure.


He has been in charge of Zhi Ming since his childhood.

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